Welcome to the Forensic and Policing Services Association (FAPSA)

photoFAPSA is specifically tailored for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) but welcomes enterprises of all sizes, from manufacturers, suppliers and service providers as well as academic institutions, students and interested end users.

Organisations from the forensic, policing and criminal justice sectors are welcomed from manufacturers and suppliers of consumables and equipment, trainers and educators, consultants, service providers and decontamination suppliers, the security industry, legal professionals (including prosecution and defence lawyers), private investigations and many more. All of those mentioned above have a vital role in ensuring the criminal justice system can have confidence in the evidence provided. We welcome members from across the globe and already have members from Australia, Malta, the United States and the United Kingdom. We would like to have a truly global membership so why not join us today.

A cornerstone of the association is the promotion and development of international standards for quality assurance and accreditation relevant to forensic and other policing support services by working with appropriate bodies.

We are not-for-profit organisation, funded through subscriptions and costed services, with any surpluses being used to further the Association.

Membership Fees:

  • Students: £20 per year
  • Sole Traders/Individuals: £50 per year
  • Companies with 2 to 10 employees: £150 per year
  • Companies with more than 10 employees: £250 per year

For companies we operate and appointed representative system. Companies as asked to nominated a person to represent their interests within the association. This is to give both individual members and member companies an equal voice within the association.

To join the Forensic and Policing Services Association (FAPSA) please visit:

Students, Sole Traders, Individual Members and Appointed Representatives of Member Companies are granted a profile within the FAPSA Community Members area of our website. Profiles can be editied to contain as much information as you like. You can network with your fellow members, share company and research news, create and join groups and forums and much more…

Why not join us and begin achieving “Success Through Collaboration”


FAPSA Conference 2016 sponsored by Go4it Consulting Ltd and Smilepass Ltd

Thursday 12th and Friday 13th May 2016
College Court, Leicester, UK

FAPSA-Conf-SPGFIThe Forensic and Policing Services Association (FAPSA) Conference 2016 sponsored by Go4it Consulting Ltd and SmilePass Ltd took place on 12/13th May 2016 at College Court, Leicester, UK.

Our conference saw delegates attend from interested parties in the forensic sector including forensic companies, suppliers, experts and FAPSA 2016 @FAPSA2016 Twitter (7)academics.

Great presentations were delivered from fantastic Guest Speakers sharing their knowledge on the fields of expertise and was complimented by exhibitors showcasing their companies. We also held also and evening dinner for delegates on the evening of 12th May.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our conference organiser Clive Reedman for all his hard work in putting this year’s event together. We would also like to thank our conference 2016 sponsors Go4it Consulting Ltd and Smilepass Ltd.

To find out more about our fantastic sponsors guest speakers and exhibitors please visit: http://www.fapsa.org.uk/fapsa-conference-2016/



The FAPSA Standards Working Group is currently working with the Forensic Science Regulator to increase standards across the board. The team on the Standards Working Group are also looking at ways to make the accreditation process more accessible to SME and sole trader companies.

Chaired by Gareth Bryon (FAPSA Director and owner of the Gareth Bryon Consultancy), the Standards Working Group welcomes input and feedback from both our global membership and all interested parties. The valuable work carried out by group aims to raise both the quality and standards within the forensic and policing sectors not only in the UK but globally.

We openly welcome members from around the world to join the Forensic and Policing Services Association (FAPSA) to help us achieve this and to help all member company achieve “Success Through Collaboration”.

Standards Working Group Members

Gareth BryonGareth Bryon, Chair of Standards Working Group, FAPSA Executive Committee Member and Owner of FAPSA Member Company the Gareth Bryon Consultancy

  • Julian Russell, FAPSA Member Company Equas Ltd
  • Sue Carney, FAPSA Executive Committee Member, Ethos Forensics
  • Gary Peace, FAPSA Member Company ESIDisclosure
  • Martyn Jones, FAPSA Member, UKAS
  • Dr Anya Hunt, CEO Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences

To find out more about the work of the Standards Working Group Click Here


ISO 17025 – FAPSA Fingermark Visualisation Collaborative Exercise Group

At the request of the Scottish Police Authority Forensic Services, the Forensic and Policing Services Association (FAPSA Ltd) is assisting in the establishment of a Fingermark Visualisation Collaborative Exercise Group of police forensic services units in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. The group will work with fingerprint development and enhancement units who are attaining ISO 17025 accreditation in the provision of joint proficiency exercises.

To Find out more about our Fingermark Visualisation Collaborative Exercise Group (FVCEG) CLICK HERE



We recently teamed up with The Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences and UKAS to jointly host a workshop entitled ‘Engagement Workshop Are you ready for 17020/17025?’  The aim of this interactive workshop was to introduce and develop the needs of Sole Traders and SMEs with regards to Accreditation.

The day will began with an introduction from Dr Gillian Tully, FSR and included presentations from UKAS and The Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences.

The Forensic and Policing Services Association (FAPSA) is committed to bringing our members more workshops in the coming months and actively encourage our members to participate in them. We also look forward to continuing to collaborate on event with our friends at the Association for British Investigators (ABI), Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences, Knowledge Transfer Network Forensic Science Special Interest Group and the European Division of the International Association for Identification (EURO IAI).

Our members also have a proud reputation for providing webinars for both FAPSA members and interested parties.


Supporting Good Causes

The Forensic and Policing Services Association (FAPSA) is proud to support good causes. In 2015 we raised of £1000 for the charity, Care of Police Survivors (COPS).

Throughout 2016 we have teamed up with internet community radio station WiganFM to raise money for or Nominated Charity the NSPCC. We will be collecting for our Nominated Charity at FAPSA events and workshops and also online via our dedicated Just Giving Charity Donations Page.

You can donate online throughout 2016 by visiting: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/fapsacharity2016

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